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About Us

The Widow's Walk was constructed in 1998 to be an ice creamery. The previous owners, Bryan and Jerry Fraley, purchased the property in 2006 and then sold the ice cream shop to Jill Dodson in October 2016.


A friend of Bryan and Jerry's (and former owner), designed the home combining architectural elements from classic Victorian homes on the East coast and the Hemingway home in Key West Florida. The big yellow house in front of the ice cream shop is the Ice Creamery owner's residence.


We currently offer walk-up window service outside at the ice cream building at the back of the house all year (weather permitting).  We are fortunate to have survived the COVID years when many small businesses did not, our 2021 and 2022 season was spent operating under unusual circumstances while our new building was under construction (temporarily served from the front porch of the main house's Private Residence) and our 2023 season was spent finally in our new building with everything getting back to normal.  Now, in our 2024 season, we're facing a year-long construction project in the area where once again we will rise to the occasion and stay open for our loyal and dedicated customers while hopefully welcoming new faces too! 


We've been told many times that we have the best ice cream in Louisville, Kentucky and in Kentuckiana! Thanks so much to all of you for helping to keep our little Mom and Pop shop alive and we look forward to seeing you again (or even for the first time)!


415 E. Riverside Drive

Clarksville, IN 47129








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